October 31 2018 at 456 PM- Just a thought the people of Britain have been donating money to cancer charities left right and center for over a hundred years or so and all thats happened is its gone from you just might get cancer to you are one in 4 chance to you are 1 in 3 to you are one in 2 to today's standers So we as a people have donated billions to the cause all that's happens is the chances of cancer have got worse the charities owners have become millionaires in million pound houses through never working on there life It seemes to me cancer is nothing but a business and there is no money in a cure just like 99% of all pharmaceutical problems all they do is Keep the illness at bay unlike many other natural free cures like cannabis and many many other natural remedies that are dirt cheap I wonder why cannabis is illegal 0 17 2 Comments 1 Share He and I are related apparently Meme

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