od a 90's kid? don't you mean sad adult? 70000 people have reblogged this but no one is trying to defend themselves There is nothing to defend #1 read a post once that described 90s kids as the generation of nostalgia #because so much technological advancement happened in such a rapid timeframe when we were growing up #that we can clearly remember having technologies that are now obsolete #like going from a corded hugeass phone to a small computer in your pocket ust within our formative years is a major thing #and it sparks a nostalgia for our seemly simpler childhoods #because so much rapid development makes it seem like it was a lot longer ago than it actually was x This is the most solid explanation of our decade i have ever heard Oh my god Just to add onto that our childhood wasn't even technology based We grew up knowing of chalk skateboards jump rope street hockey playgrounds butterfly collecting etc Slowy technology took over our lives and now there are hardly kids playing outside in the summer We can clearly remember our childhood as it was and now we can see the clear line between it We were the generation right smack in the middle of it all Our parents were of non-tech and our childrenyoung siblings will be all tech Not to mention ours was the last generation that grew up with all those bright promises of work hard go to college and you'l have a successful life only to find those hopes abruptly dashed when the housing bubble burst Milliennials have grown up expecting that disappointment because for them the problem has been there since Day One So 90s kids aren't just nostalgic we're BITTER And we ache for those days when we could still think that the world was boundiess and full of the opportunities we were promised since the first day of kindergarten THIS IS BEYOND REAL This post brought me to tears This is the realest shit I've ever read about our generation and I'm tearing up bless 90s kids can relate Meme

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