of Animals are not happy that Bo Peep IS still using her archaic crook In a statement to the film's director Josh Cooley PETA lay out their case They begin by writing that they are all huge fans of the franchise before they get down to the business of Bo Peep's new look Given that she was designed to have a 'modern' look why hasn't she 'lost' that outdated and cruel crook? they write You may not know that these 'shepherd's crooks' are used solely to hook a sheep's neck and force these gentle animals to move That isn't something that a progressive Bo Peep would countenance in 2019! A badass' Bo Peep would likely bop the shearers not the sheep Though seen in the above image here's another ook at Bo Peep's new looK which definitely resembles Daisy Ridley Rey in Star Wars The Force Awakens more than a little bit pose included Meme

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