OF DOCTRINE TEN MILITARY PHRASES NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS 1 Hurry up and wait It's 0300 and you're standing in formation for a division run that starts at 0630 It's whatever it takes to make sure no one gets yelled at for being late 2 What goes around comes around The military Golden Rule Screwing people over pays it forward when you're working for your rich uncle 3 Embrace the suck Like Another day in paradise and Just living the dream phrases that remind us that we're always biding our time until the next rendezvous with destiny 4 You can't fixstupidThat moment when you realize there is nothing you can do to make someone smarter Some people are just meant to flip burgers 5 Pucker factor A situation that requires pinching up your butt cheeks to keep from shitting yourself Like jumping from an otherwise perfectly good airplane 6 Mandatory fun Used to describe an organizational function social gathering or other event where your presence is not only necessary it's mandated 7 VoluntoldWhether you find yourself selling cupcakes at the FRG Bake Sale or collecting Toys for Tots your supposed personal time belongs to another person 8 Pop smoke To leave as in Drop a smoke grenade and unass the AO A phrase typically used when there is nothing to be gained by remaining in the currently location 9 Soup sandwich person or situation that is hopelessly screwed up and beyond fixing May also be A stated as shit sandwich for especially egregious circumstances 10 Squared awayThe opposite of soup sandwich Your shit is that tight 2014 The Further Adventures of Doctrine Man wwwface wwwtwittercomdoctrine man bookcomdoctrinemani DV Larry Meme

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