Officers finish tree house that fallen state trooper started for his daughter New York State Trooper Joel Davis a father of three decided to build a tree house for his daughter but was tragically killed before it could be finished His death came just days before his daughter Jaila's 13th birthday 35 of his friends including active and retired state troopers Jefferson County sheriff's deputies and Watertown police teamed up to finish the tree house The officers spent a day working on the wooden structure finishing the job and topping it with a black and white American flag with a single blue line symbolizing the courage and dedication Davis had to his job Like my posts? Follow my partners @backthebadge @veterans_сome_first police cop cops thinblueline lawenforcement policelivesmatter supportourtroops BlueLivesMatter AllLivesMatter brotherinblue bluefamily tbl thinbluelinefamily sheriff policeofficer backtheblue JoelDavis Meme

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