OH HELL NO! Drake Bell @DrakeBell 51s Drake Bell@DrakeBel 7m the Boy Wonder? HE TWEETED THIS AND THEN DELETED IT DRAKE BELL RUMORED TO PLAY A ROBIN IN THE DCEU! HE IS 30 YEARS OLD IG @DCMARVELUNITE PLEASE TELL ME HE'S JUST JOKING AROUND ! 😫 DrakeBell isn't that great of an actor for a Big DC Movie…you might remember him from DrakeAndJosh or The Live Action Fairly Odd Parents Movie 🤢 Maybe he could play NightWing on the ' Titans' TV Series coming in 2018 or maybe he's Voicing Robin in YoungJustice Season 3 🤷🏽‍♂️ But @DrakeBell better get no where near the DCEU and especially the role of Robin 😤 He's also way to old to be playing TimDrake since he's 30 years old And If he's talking about the role of JasonTodd or DickGrayson…I quit 😐 Anyways Comment Below what you Think of Drake Bell as The BoyWonder in the DCFilms ! 😂 DCExtendedUniverse 💥 @bosslogic There are so many better Actors out there… Meme

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