Oh Marie Sweet Rosalyn' Never hurts to ask let's try this since these two beauties came from Sheryl Crow's hometown Hi Ms Crow – “ ALL I WANT TO DO” … is to take a quick minute to introduce myself my name is Mac the Pitbull and I am from your home state practically right in your backyard! I am an advocate for animals in need especially those with special needs I believe in the power of positivity and love and try to pay my good fortune forward by helping other animals in need I am reaching out to you today because of two very special dogs from the Kennet Humane Department who’s needs were beyond what the KHD had the resources for These girls despite their unbelievably painful conditions still had hope in their eyes and knew “THE BEST OF TIMES” was still within their hearts My mom and I reached out to KHD and have taken them to our facility where they will receive the treatment and love they need to heal and recover Mom is a big fan of yours – and we’ve spent countless hours especially during her school days listening to your music In honor of you we are naming these girls Oh Marie and Sweet Rosalyn – we know with name sakes like that they can grow into the beautiful girls we know are in there with a little help They are “STRONG ENOUGH” or what we like to call Pitbull Strong here at Mac’s Mission! Please check out these links for pictures and their story I will be posting updates often so our followers can watch them heal and thrive httpswwwfacebookcommacthepitbullphotosa371727712908204893783040097630133331242099215871045?type=3&theater httpswwwfacebookcommacthepitbullphotosa371727712908204893783040097630133331242748639139436?type=3&theater These sweet pups need a “HOME” of their own a place where they can “SOAK UP THE SUN” and “CHANCES ARE” we can help them find just that Ms Crow I’d love for you to visit my tiny facility to see Oh Marie and Sweet Rosalyn – we are very close to home and I’d be honored to show you how we teach each animal that comes to my mission “LOVE IS FREE” Sending Love and Licks Mac the Pitbull httpswwwfacebookcommacthepitbull Mac is an advocate for pitbulls & underdogs He nearly died as a 4LB 3month rescue pup & now has a 501c3 Mac's Mission to help pay it forward to others MAC’S MISSION PO Box 444 Cape Girardeau Missouri 63702 Meme

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