Oh speaking of my games did I tell you guys about the 8-bit roguelike I'm developing? I think I posted about the idea a couple of years ago but now it's gonna be an actual thing It's called Genevieve and I'm developing it in the TIC-80 retro game engine It's about a princess who wakes up one night to find the royal castle twisted beyond recognition and filled with monstrous creatures Grabbing a sword she sets out to find her parents and unravel the mystery I've been making slow progress but I'm building up the mechanics and game logic piece by piece while wrestling with the procedural dungeon generator and its tendency to spit out absolute bullshit Once all the gameplay is in place it'll be onto the cutscenes and from there trying to cram as much content into 64KB of code as I possibly can it's actually quite a lot you'd be surprised I'm still torn between a paid release on Steam and a free release on Newgrounds I guess I'll decide nearer to completion depending on the time and effort it actually takes Either way this will be my first full-scale release and I'm excited to see how it turns out Meme

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