OHTEAN'T RESIST THAT LOOKyOU REMIND ME OF ME WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY Haven't quite understood if this is inclusive or -phobic 22 91% 14d O5 frinkiaccom The_Leftorium 14d 24 say phobic since the intended humor would be that the judge being a boy in the past wouldn't make sense If it were inclusive it wouldn't be played up for a joke I'd 16 14d Counter-point she says it very casually and doesn't make a big deal out of it normalizing her experience So maybe inclusive? This is a stretch though you're probably right 6d Very very late to this but the punchline of this scene ends with Snake saying did she just say used to be a dude in a disbelieving way So I think it's phobic she 15 14d She's one of the least sympathetic characters in the series so definitely phobic 10 14d I would say it's neither one explicitly but only works as a joke in the context of a largely transphobic society I can’t think for myself and need others to tell me if I should be offended or not Meme

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