Oh what of cool shades which are not belong to one Oh is feel good wear Hi Poland! Is good day ves? Nice shades! KURWA! Poland? Is what the thing some i said? Oh Poland! I'm glad you're here I need you to clean toilets 44 to 120! Poland? Are you even listening to me? KURWAA!! KURWA!! KUUURRWAA!!! What the bloody hell is happening Maybe is tu much to you Poland? Have you been work work eating too much Space-O's again? Maybe la Poland needs est many rest Bloody hell son please get your delusional shades away from everyone else! THERE'S MY GOD DAMN SHADES! Mein gott Amerika! Shades is make anyone went into insane! Goddamn europoors always stealing things from glorious #1 country in the world They must be trying to find proof of my reptilian government! Commie Vision Meme

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