OHMYGOD Why would there be a bottle of wine on the stove?! WTF Barbie you can't use a cutting board for a bulletin board BARBIE! you should know better than to leave a cheese grater on the edge of the fridge! someone could get hurt! Um okay DOES NO ONE REALIZE THAT BARBIE is cleaning her kitchen floor with a garden hose? Get it together Barbie OH MY GOD BARBIE! ARE YOU JUST GOING TO LEAVE THOSE DIRTY DISHES IN YOUR SINK? SERIOUSLY GET IT TOGETHER BARBIE Seriously? People Wow Open your EYES Is NOBODY going to point out how Barbie is CLEANING HER FLOOR IN WHITE PANTS??? CLOSE THE DAMN REFRIGERATOR! YOUR LETTING ALL THGE COLD OUT! Barbie seriously? The blender on top of the fridge? You could get hurt!!1 Guys for the love of god how can you not notice the freaking rat next to the fridge?! WTF Barbie? Clean your house more often would ya? Barbie who the hell puts a calculator on their fridge COME ON! GET WITH THE TIMES! doomsong13 I love how everyone pretends not to notice the toaster next to the sink BARBIE! YOU COULD GET ELECTROCUTED IF THAT FELL IN! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER GURL what the hell is wrong with you people???1?1?! omfg how can you not notice the fact the fridge has three layers of drawers on the bottom? what the fuck?? barbie fridges dont work that way im sorry aeolus06 SERIOUSLY?!! YOU PEOPLE ARE SICKI CAN YOU SEE THAT A SERIOUS CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED HERE?!! THAT WALLPAPER! IT'S HIDEOUS! Get a freakin' sense of style woman! theres a dead body OMG why does she not put the bread away She should put it in the pantry so she could have more room on the counter i-m-p-a-l-a-6-7 ITS THE ORIGINAL POST IVE ONLY SEEN SCREENSHOTS BARBIE YOUR TOWEL IS PRACTICALLY ON THE FLOOR ITS WAY TOO LOW Seriously Barbie? You try and open the oven and the towel ends up on the floor Source fantasising-about-escape-blog 1123830 notes Leaving knives on the floor Barbie? Do you even care about your safety! Meme

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