OIL BASED PLASTICS ARE DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT WHY NOT HEMP PLASTICS THEY ARE BOTH BIODEGRADABLE AND NON-TOXIC Day 1 Day 28 Day 38 Day 58 Day 80 kzaketchum veryangryfeminist exasperatingme roseynopes graceebooks phroyd Hemp is so threatening to the Commodities Industry they have Lobbied Against Legalization since the 1920s Phroyd weed will set us free HEMP AND WEED ARE NOT THE SAME PLANT *huffs* *clears throat* They’re cousins They look similar but Hemp can be used to make durable clothing paper biodegradable plastics and has high nutritional value It’s oil is good as an anti-inflammatory if taken in pill form with other medication If you smoke hemp you’re not going to get high There’s no THC in hemp Doing the above things with Marijuana is a waste of THC p Pot = medicinal and recreational depressant drug Hemp = practical and nutritional plant capable of replacing tree-pulp cotton and synthetic fibers Also replenishes the nutrients in farming soil when other food crops have depleted the nutrients Such as corn HALF OF THE WAR ON DRUGS the half that wasn’t about racism WAS LITERALLY PAPER AND PLASTIC COMPANIES NOT WANTING THE COMPETITION All of this is true shit Hemp is an extremely diverse multi-use plant with soooo many incredible possibilities and I really hope we start using it more in every day products because we need to All for biodegradable!!! Meme

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