ok here we go Here's why RINA TENNOJ could be the father of HANAYO KOIZUMI Parts 1 The Timeline 2 The Mother 3 The Father 4 The Child Part 1 The Timeline I think we can all agree All Stars is not canon so l'll be going off the events of the anime yes i know pdp doesnt have an anime but its inevitable W'sAgours 虹ヶ咲学国 Above is the assumed order of idol groups in the LL universe But we all know assuming makes a *donkey* out of U and ME No Yuu and Ai puns plz Now Consider the following l'sAgours 学園 虹ヶ咲 - Now think about it Did we ever find out who founded Love Live? Do the Nijigasaki girls look up to anyone as their predecessors did? Nope no hint of being inspired by anyone They could be the first the founders And since they don't have an official school uniform we get to see their personal styles and they seem kind of dated Maybe a bit biased but who's rockin that kinda wardrobe in 2019? The question of Rina's technology being around in that time was brought to my attention and the approximate time range of the Nijigasaki era will be discussed in the next section But seeing as her only somewhat modern gadgets are LEDS and a drone that gives us quite a wide range seeing as both have been around for a while Part 2 The Mother This is the only documented image of Hanayo's mother Now who does this look like an aged-up version of? Yup Shizuku Osaka In the official School Idol Diaries it is stated that Hanayo's mom was an idol from age 15 to age 17 Shizuku is 15 in the Nijigasaki Era Pretty convenient huh? It is also stated that she met the father at 17 but what if she knew him all along and only found out the secret after those years? Like the same amount of time for 2 seasons and a movie maybe? Now I might have failed Algebra 2 but since that didn't stop Nico let's try some quick maths Hanayo is 15 and SIP ended in 2015 placing her birth at around for those og 2012 fans 2000 factor in pregnancy time and the two years Rina kept up the illusion and we've placed PDP around 1997-98 Going back to the technology thing I'm just not going to She has an LED board that reads her face in real time probably functions as headphones and doesn't even use a battery She probably just broke into Area 51 or something It's an idol anime do you really expect scientific iustification? The genes match up that's all the science we need Part 3 The Father Here he is the man of the hour Flattest chest in the series Rina Tennoje Never before seen no swimsuit episode yet Think about it they have to remove the board at some point What would be the point of it if she was just another anime girl? Wouldn't that be kind of a letdown? Years of buildup down the drain However if perhaps she was not she and she was he then maybe the removal of the board would hold more significance I also couldn't find anywhere that said Nijigasaki is an all girl school making it even easier to pull for him to pull this off But the VA's female That's never stopped anyone And if this really is the case then Rina Tennoji is probably a fake name I wonder what his real name could be Insert Rin a boi joke Part 4 The Child UTX Not much to say here The blood types match up with Shizuku being A and both Rina and Hanayo being B Pink hair is most likely recessive Rina most likely has pink eyes combine that with Shizuku's almost white ones and you get the same faded purple Conclusion Improbable? Absolutely Impossible? Not at all But come on doesn't that look like a happy family? I did my rubesty dont hate plz Meme

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