Okay but what if Peter and Shuri are at the Avengers Compund and Peter asks Shuri if she wants to watch a movie with him in the screening room and she says yes So they go in and Peter turns on Star Wars and half way through the movie he jokingly says how she should make real life SW tech She tells him to pause the movie and she walks out of the room and comes back 10 minutes later and is like I made these when I was 11! And pulls out 2 functioning lightsabers and hands one to Peter who is in shock and they start running around the compound fighting with lightsabers T'Challa is annoyed because he told Shuri to leave them at home and Tony doesn't know if he should be impressed bc Shuri made actual lightsabers or worried that two 16 year olds are running around using ACTUAL lightsabers #Shuri #peter parker #spiderman #shuri and peter #T'Challa #tony stark #black panther #ron man #star wars #1 just want them see all 1411 notes Meme

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