Okay people history-fail story-time cindehella artyowl01 So back in the 1780's when our country was still figuring crap out and ol' George Washington was just elected president GW decided to send a letter to Congress along the lines of Looking forward to working with you all this will be exciting! Congress not wanting to slight the president and also trying to express their own enthusiasm sent back a letter along the lines of Glad you're excited we are also looking forward to working with you! Then George sends another letter back saying something like Cool cool bros glad you're just as excited as am and Congress again not wanting to be awkward or just ignore the PRESIDENT sent back ANOTHER letter saying some dumb crap that was probably along the lines of Glad you're excited that we're excited that you're excited Democracy at its finest And while this in itself is funny that is not even the best part George Washington while being powerful was not extremely eloquent and at this point was also aging busy and overall very stressed about his new position which he did not want in the first place So he asked his old friend James Madison who had a much better way with words to write the first note to Congress Good old James Madison wanting to oblige his friend did just that and composed the note to Congress Now J-Mads was himself a member of Congress so when the note arrived he was in session to hear Washington's letter read Cngress got nervous and worried about who could possibly compose a formal and acceptable letter back to Washington Who better than his old friend James Madison? So Jimmy being obliging wrote the response When Washington received the reply he once again asked his friend to write the response And who did Congress choose to write their final letter? That's right none other than Jimmy-James-Madison himself So James Madison future 4th president of the United States wrote himself 4 letters under the guise of George Washington and the first Congress of the US And he was too embarrassed to admit it catfish of the millenium History story time Meme

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