Okay so first we start with France Currently it is a waste of a country and therefore must be eliminated We bomb the shit out of it to kill all French people then we get the worlds largest crane with a claw on the end we use it to pick up all of France from the earth plate and drop it exactly over Zimbabwe This will kill most Zimbabwe people however that's fine because they're all dying anyways The living ones become cave people trapped under an entire continental plate which is punishment for ruining their own economy The surviving ones can crawl miles up to get back to the surface which btw is now a giant plateau of the France landmass This whole area is now not only rich in resources from France but also a huge tourist location and both of these resources completely fix the Zimbabwe inflation problem along with eliminating France Thank you My plan excuse me what the actual fuck NEW MESSAGES Not only will it A become a new wonder of the world B low cost C simple implementation D Eliminates France E Fixes Zimbabwe It meets all the factors for a perfect plan plus kills 2 birds in 1 stone Why does he hate the French and Zimbabwean people? Discord Meme

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