Okay So my husband is turning me off We've been married for 2 months What should I do? His feet stinkhis shoes smell up the room Also he wears white briefs When I was washing the clothes the whole seat of his underwear had brown stains in them It made me sick Then once when I was riding him then after we were done and he got up there was a brown streak where his ass had been on the bed SoI finally got some personal cleansing cloths and put them on top of the toilet He never touched them Oh yeah and one time I went in the rest room and it smelled like whole ass I kept trying to figure out where the smell was coming fromI saw wet tissue in the trash with brown crumbs all over it Why the hell didn't he flush that tissue down the toilet?! I finally mentioned the personal cleansing cloths He got pissed and screamed in my face He told me that a real man doesn't go in between his cheeks or spread them open for anything Men do not spread there cheeks to wipe or cleannothing goes between them What needs to happen here? Suggestions? Advice? No bashing! Meme

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