OKAY THEN FROM THIS DAY FORWARD YOU CAN NO LONGERIBOARDIANARPLANE ENTER A POLLING PLACE GO TO SCHOOLENTERACOURTROOM I DREAM WOMEN WILL ONE DAY HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS BE AROUND CHILDREN RIDE IN A VEHICLE WITHOUT SOMEONE WITHALICENSE TOPOSSESS YOU AND IF LEFT ALONE YOU MUST BE LOCKEDUP A lot of these women that participated in this march do nothing but sit on Tumblr all day filling their heads up with anti-men rhetoric Think about it half the shit they say seems like they should be saying it from a psychiatric ward They're quite repulsive tbh I'd rather be the owner of a rabid dog on a chain than a feminist I can tell ya right now with all those women on that march A LOT of sandwiches didn't get made triggerwarning triggered feminismiscancer womensmarch liberals libbys democraps liberallogic liberal ccw247 conservative constitution presidenttrump nobama stupidliberals merica america stupiddemocrats donaldtrump trump2016 patriot trump yeeyee presidentdonaldtrump draintheswamp makeamericagreatagain trumptrain maga Add me on Snapchat and get to know me Don't be a stranger thetypicallibby Partners @tomorrowsconservatives πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @too_savage_for_democrats 🐍 @thelastgreatstand πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @alwaysright 🐘 TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS! Make sure to check out our joint Facebook - Right Wing Savages Joint Instagram - @rightwingsavages Joint Twitter - @wethreesavages Follow my backup page @the_typical_liberal_backup Meme

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