olene33rpm me trying to spell something in french uhhhhhh i think that's enough vowels the french language youe fooule youe insouelente cowèurde nazerine love japanese bc it's so regular and logical eg kore this sore that dore which koko here soko there doko where koitsu this person soitsu that person doitsu germany Source categorical-abstract-ml futureevilscientist confession in the Russian alphabet the letter x is pronounced like a hard h so whenever I see a phrase like Sorry for your loss xoxo instead of hugs and kisses my brain always briefly interprets it as Sorry for your loss HOHOHO like some jolly Santa Schadenfreude laughter there assassinregrets im just the cherokee language has a verb tense that specifically notes the exclusion ofa person in the conversation so there's i'm going you're going we're going and we're going but not you i love it madmaudlingoes This is called clusivity and it's found a bunch of languages including Chechen Vietnamese Samoan and Quechua spinningyarns Some languages just side-eye harder than others Source assassinregrets lord-kitschener Polish yo dawg we heard u like the letter z so we put some z's in ur z's so u can Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz relativelylessimportant Z is only worth one point in the Polish version of Scrabble This sounds like a joke but is actually true Source lord-kitschener heatmor irish is such a shady language because hello is dia duit but directly translated it means god be with you and when someone says hello back they say dia is muire duit which means god and mary be with you its like i see your god and i raise you the holy virgin whatcha gonna do bout it bitch Source cradily Mark Magumpkin Follow Spanish The h is silent English Many letters can be silent French All letters are meaningless every living thing is born without reason paddysnuffles tumblr on languages Tumblr on languages Meme

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