omegle Talk to strangers! You're chatting with a random stranger on Omegle! You my name is steve You im a recovering herion addict Stranger you grl You yes i am a girl named steve Stranger im male Stranger age You IAM A GIRL NAMED STEVE Stranger im a boy name adem You I AM A GIRL You NAMED You STEVE You DO YOU NOT SEE ANY PROBLEMS HERE Stranger okey Stranger goog Stranger good Stranger httpwwwfacebookco Stranger add me You DO YOU HAVE DOWN SYNDROME Stranger nooo You I AM A FEMALE NAMED STEVE Stranger add me Stranger okey Stranger addme Stranger age? You ARE YOU RETARDED Stranger why You I AM A GIRL You NAMED You STEVE Stranger im boy Stranger im male Stranger 18 Stranger 9 You HOW MANY GIRLS DO YOU KNOW NAMED STEVE Stranger httpwwwfacebookc Stranger add me okey You WHAT THE FUCK You IM NOT ADDING YOU You UNTIL YOU FIGURE OUT WHATS WRONG You WITH A GIRL You NAMED STEVE You a GIRL named STEVE Ass is Ass Meme

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