OMG! Now That is Hilarious What's so Funny Guys? I Dont get It What! MeowwW hehe Laugh Til Your Hearts Content with Jonnae One day a guy was driving home when he suddenly realized that it was his daughter's birthday and - or dear! - he hadn't bought anything for her So he pulls into the parking lot of the next shopping mall he passes finds a toy store and asks for A Barbie Doll for my daughter The shop assistant looks at him in a slightly condescending manner and asks All right Sir which Barbie would that be? The man looks surprised so the assistant continues We have Barbie Goes To the Ball at $1999 Barbie goes Shopping at $1999 Barbie goes Clubbing at $1999 Barbie Goes To The Gym at $1999 Cyber Barbie at $1999 and Divorced Barbie at $24999 The man can't help himself and asks Why is Divorced Barbie $24999 when all those other Barbies are selling for $1999? Well Sir that's quite obvious! says the assistant Divorced Barbie comes with Ken's house Ken's furniture Ken's car ~ ROFLMAO Meme

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