On June 6th 1944 David Silva left was 19 years old when he landed on Omaha Beach with the 116th Infantry Reg 29th Division Upon reaching the sand he wa hit 3 times in the chest by an MG sitting on top of the bluff Simultaneously 21 year old Heinrich Severloh right of the 352nd Infanterie- was Division was manning his MG42 on the same sector that Silva was on As the day progressed and the Allies overtook the beachhead Heinrich became a POW In the mid 1960s Silva was contacted by Heinrich after he found Silva's name in the book The Longest Day as one of the survivors of the Easy Red sector Both men met in Germany and after sharing their details of that day Heinrich realized that he was the one who shot Silva on the beach Almost 60 years later both men met on the same landing sector of Omaha beach and shook hands and this photo captured it all Silva said I forgave him even though he didn't want me to I think he really wanted this he was hurting alot Heinrich said There was no glory on the beach that day just a lot of blood and screams and young men dying With Silva you can apologize the others who died out there you can no all boys longer apologize I visit them at the cemetarywe were Two former enemies meet back up decades later Meme

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