On the evening of 2 May 1986 six days after a massive explosion devastated the Lenin nuclear power station at Chernobyl the damaged reactor was sinking and burning through its strengthened concrete floor and was in danger of collapsing into rooms flooded with water This would trigger a nuclear explosion that would spread radiation across half of Europe and kill tens of millions Later Soviet scientists suggested that a possible area of contamination could reach 200 km2 772 mi modern specialists are inclined to assert that it would take about 500 ousand years to eliminate the consequences of radioactive contamination from a potential explosion Three men volunteered to dive into what they knew were lethally radioactive waters to open a release valve to prevent this from happening They were the shift supervisor Boris Baranov senior engineer of the control unit of the turbine shop two Valeri Bespalov and Senior Mechanical Engineer of the reactor department Alexey Ananenko They are on the photo below Ananenko and Bespalov Baranov is on the separate photo pec yoicecmba oup of three men were and swim through the flooded chambers of the basement to the gate valve twist it open and so allow the trapped water to drain out It was a suicide mission Radiation was at lethal levels A gr r red to suit up in scuba-gear Il three returned to the surface suffering severe radiation poisoning but were pleased to see their colleagues jump with joy at the news that the valves were nowo ey all died within days and were buried in lead coffins The monuments to Those who saved the world was created in Chernobyl Those who saved the world Meme

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