Once upon a time there was a small kingdom with a beautiful king and queen The rule over the land and responsibilities of each were split evenly as was customary for their time The queen would ensure the royal linens were pressed the royal canines were cared for and the inside of their beautiful castle was sanitized The king would ensure all royal china was sanitized the royal feline was cared for and the beautiful land upon which the castle laid remained groomed Many moons ago the king slacked on his duties as is allowed from time to time with royalty and the royal land quickly grew into a terrifying forest overnight This forest provided a home for insecta demons to fester and attack the royal canines When the king realized his error he swore he would never allow the forest to return Dark days have returned good people of the kingdom Word has recently spread that i demons have been spotted The king has recently been overheard using excuses for slacking in his duties again claiming heat rain or video games until 315am on a Wednesday as the deterrence from maintaining the royal land Oh wait! A courier has arrived with a message from the scout! Let us read the note MON THE DAMN LAWN My wifes hilarious way of getting me to do yardwork Meme

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