One date from talking online briefly is just a silly way to decide Most who I had a connection with online were usually far away from So all you could do is talk and hope to meet I'm not sure why you're blaming me for all the injustices you've faced but I'm really not interested Delivered I am not blaming you You are just cold And prove to be immature and naive Ugly and short You blamed me and acted like I judged all women for simply You blamed me and acted like l judged all women for simply Sharing my experiences I will only generalize about whites because enough consistently proved to be insensitive mean superficial and racist You are ugly and nothing special and only get male attention based on white privilege Racism is by design White skin is a birth defect not something special or good and white people have to discriminate and hide history to bring value to their image it's sad cruel and pathetic It takes racism for white beauty to be noticed and for white privilege to exist privilege to exist You created the problem but not caring to acknowledge hovw I felt and being so evil that you just looked for a way to make me seem like I have a problem with women I hope men attack you I am so sick of how white woken reach out to talk the most while beinsg the most heartless cruel and superficial and insensitive people ever Bye evil racist You need me to be mean in order for you to be motivated to unmatch me because you are so cold insensitive and cruel? It seems insensitivity is typical with whites because if that was It seems insensitivity is typical with whites because if that was not the case there would be equality in this world and white privilege could not exist White women like me based on my looks but in order for me to date them I have to hide my reality from them as a persorn of color or else l am the problem You cannot be real with anyone who is superficial inconsiderate naive or insensitive to others Sorry you could not be different from the masses When you tell a guy that romantic chemistry is important to you and also you're an evil racist full album in comments Meme

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