ONE DAY GOD WILL BEG ME TO DIE AND I SE Follow @CARRIONIER Both my parents were drug addicts who beat me My father tried to kill me twice I was a homeless teen and went hungry I was raped as a teen I have bipolar disorder I didn't shoot up a school I became a doctor This man is a white male terrorist plain and simple AJC @ajc Nikolas Cruz is a 'broken child' who's sorry about Parkland shooting attorneys say on-ajccom2sxABFi kelpforestdweller the-underground-hufflepuff cookbookkitten The usual “he’s a troubled kidman” yawn excuse His ass is a terrorist and we will keep having them because of guns and the fact that this shit is not taken with seriousness Yes we mourn the victims and it’s all on the news but when it’s a white male as it usually is it’s always blamed on troubles and mental illness Those things alone don’t cause it because MANY MANY people have mental illnesses and grew up troubled yet they are not out there killing or shooting anyone STOP PAINTING THESE TERRORISTS AS TROUBLED SAD MISGUIDED HUMANS STOP MAKING MENTAL ILLNESS EVEN MORE STIGMATIZED THESE TERRORISTS ARE MONSTERS PLAIN AND SIMPLE group chats of his were uncovered where he talked about wanting to kill people based solely on their race and sexual orientation this was totally premeditated and intentional you can say antisemitism it’s allowed yes racism and homophobia and a whole gallery of bigotries but let’s also not keep silent on this one Meme

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