One of the main reason I don't think artists going off-model should be considered LAZY is because sometimes it just HAPPENS on it's own! Model Sheet In Show Screenshot For example To produce 24 episodes a season Animated shows in the 90's often divied up the workload between multiple animation studios TOKYO MOVIE SHINSHA COLTD AKOM PRODUCTION CO Even with everyone working from the same model sheets each studio had their own uniquely personalized way of drawing and animating the characters Talent is varied Larger Smaller Head & -Head & Hands NS Straight Pose More Dynamic Pose TOKYO MOVIE SHINSHA CO LTD Baggier Ponts Fitted Pants And more importantly some creators actively encourage and embrace the different drawing styles of their artists Their individuality is more important than maintaining absolute consistency It's not a mistake it's their range! artificial-father adobsonartworks You know for a show entirely designed around the concept that “flaws” are wonderful and how we should tolerate and understand differences… the fandom sure has a problem accepting characters going slightly off-model… This… is the best explanation and poising of this Thank you Meme

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