ONES Replies People seem to be commenting about how a petite pretty lady can eat spicy food but that's not the ruling factor Obviously Padma is also an awesome person in general and is acculturated to spicy food over time and by profession but you could also bring on a typical Honduran country grandmother in a bathrobe who would shrug off this gauntlet and then whip up some minced pork-chili stew that would endanger all other life on earth and she could eat it by the bowlful With long-term acclimation to capsicum it ceases to be a burnallergy response which is a biochemical misinterpretation error in the first place and it develops a cool almost minty bouquet Then habaneros bring a pumpkin-like musk serranos add a light almost vinegary high nose jalapenos are a kind of oily earthiness bird peppers are like adding lavender and cayennes make a berry-like fruity roundness When I did a long-term exploration of chilis and got these effects most people couldn't even be in the kitchen with me when I was experimenting with recipes because their eyes would burn from just the aromatics in the air coming from the braising pan In that era my typical way to order something like Thai food or curries was to basically dare them to make it the way their grandmother would if she wanted to spontaneously ignite foreigners from the inside out I got some amazing meals that way while the staff sort of subtly gawked from the edge of the room Years later lI've lost most of that acclimation and even Tobasco seems kind of spicy hmm perhaps should go back down that road again It was exquisite Taken from Sean Evans' episode of Hot Ones with Padma Lakshmi Meme

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