on't message me if you aren't willing to learn you don't like my profile you don't date trans people you hunt animals for fun you think racism towards white people exists you want to argue you think cultural appropriation isn't real you can't acknowledge your own privilege you're into ddlgtoaOV you don't like fat people you think sex or gender are binary you just want to hook up you think people of color aren't oppressed you are right-wing Republican a Trump voter supporter you don't treat sex workers with respect you and your partner have a one penis policy look it you shame people who aren't vegan you use any slurs that don't apply to you xample a non-black person saying the 21 & Womarn 16 kilometers away leftist sweetheart looking for same tired n fat message me if u wanna a be friends b flirt C Sext d buy me stuff or if u have cute friends to set me up with Definitely not stuck in an echo chamber lol Meme

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