oo T-Mobile? 939 AM 77% 59k 50k L Share elvaqueroelegante 10h Our 23 and a half after he comitted suicide That was last week l hope no one ever has to experience this much less most people Sorry for the Debbie Downer just needed to type it out because it doesnt seem real still vear old son's body was found in the woods a week Reply 26k TheRealJessie9h My 13 year old is struggling right now has attempted suicide and I have gone through the what ifs and it is heartbreaking My spousehis other parent died and is a big part of his depression I can't imagine losing both I'm sorry for your loss 989 toxictraction 3h 1 Pm me I will buy that fuckin' kid tickets to Universal Studios Orlando right the fuck now I have an Air BnB you guys can use when your down if you want No body is sad in universal Studios No body It's not possible It's what brought me back after I was shot in the spine It's a fact It's literally impossible to cry on a roller coaster 116k seazx 2h Pm l'll help with a bit of spending money I would hate to think of my kids going through something like this 1 409 Add a comment <p>Saw this in a post on raskreddit and it brought me to tears! It&rsquos amazing to see how kind people can be Thank you kind strangers for making my day via rwholesomememes <a href=httpifttt2hVu9Up>httpifttt2hVu9Up<a><p> Meme

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