oo Verizon 130 AM Mary Dec 3 2014 111 AM hey cutie bats eyes lol It's gotten to the point where I can't tell who's real and who's a bot on here Ok now you really lost me?? bot??? Oh shit you're a real person There's fake accounts on here that match with you and try to direct you to cam sites fake? uhh noyou just never been hit on by a hot girl or something? lol Haha There's a rule of thumb on tinder for guys about bots 1-2 photos no profile info and messages first You hit all of those haha Ok now you really lost me?? bot??? Holy shit Are you kidding me? what's wrong??? Are you a real person? uhhhh yes im a real person what youve never met a horny girl b 4? What? why dont we hang out that night at home? lol jkstill too soon no?? To the neck beard that programmed this bot I salute you Send Message I salute you Meme

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