Asian, Kim Kardashian, and Love: oo Verizon
 3:35 PM
 O 47%
 Kim Kardashian West
 North posted this on IG while playing
 games on my phone. Not sure why or
 how she chose it but I'm not
 complaining RP
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 MY DOGGY TOOK THIS :3 We were fighting for my phone, and she hit it with her
 nose XDDD So this is dedicated to Dee, my wolf <333
 I look ike crap.... .and my eyes look asian O.o Maybe because I was sick in this
 photo and I just found out ive got asthma.
 This winterize effect makes my eyes look lke I layered some eye liner stuff too XD
 Oh WELLLLLL not a big fan of this one. B t's for Dee, Love you wolf <333
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<p>Who did it better?</p>
<p>good thing north didn’t post an old video</p>



Who did it better?

good thing north didn’t post an old video