ooo Verizon 1148 PM 269010 conversational-allstar + grump grumpsepticplier Samantha 18 years old Loves the Game GrumpsNSPStarbomb Not following each other Today at 1143 PM grumpsepticplier Hey I'm only asking cause l saw this in the tag But do you still do game grumps rps? conversational-allstar no i i dont do game grumps rps conversational-allstar i have no idea what would give you that mpression im honestly kind of baffled 000 T-Mobile 1246 AM game grumps rp Follow -o Write a message GIF ooo Verizon 1148 PM 269010 conversational-allstar + grump 000 T-Mobile 246 AM ④ 92%- game grumps rp Follow bother to poke holes in it cluttering noise of someone tripping in the dark DAMMIT!! #windwaker #rp meme #rp prompts #rp starters 203 notes conversational-allstar Follow game grumps open rp pm me if interested 68 notes rxsebxd Follow Arin Hanson Sentence Starters LOZ Sequelitis Edition Hey uh hey what are you doing over there? Write a message GIF ooo Verizon 1150 PNM 24% conversational-allstar + grump Because l saw this It is you isn't it? conversational-allstar well that sure is me i think that was a joke i made at some point i didnt think there was an actual game grumps roleplaying community im sorry grumpsepticplier Well I'm sorry but to me that's not very funny At least not now it isn't conversational-allstar my bad man grumpsepticplier Yeah It is your bad Say something GIF genjimain transexualizer so this happened last night amd i was too tired to process how bizzare this was b ut yeah it is your bad Meme

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