oooo Sprint LTE @ 99% 854 AM Settings Emergency Chat Meltdown gave you my phone because l can't use or process speech right now but l am still capable of text communication My hearing and tactile senses are extremely sensitive in this state so please refrain from touching me Please keep calm and proceed to the next screen that has a simple chat client through which we can communicate Continue Rht New Message Send @ 99% ooo Sprint LTE 902 AM Settings Emergency Chat Today 902 AM would you like to get out of here? Left yes please Rht New Message Send the I'm O p qw r У u f jk d gh а S C b Z X 123 return space sweetandsavageautistic thathumanwiththecatears kuroba101 sweet-and-tender lesbiandana hello! I don’t know if anyone has already made a post about this before but I just stumbled upon this app made specifically for when you’ve gone into a nonverbal anxiety attack!!! it was made by Jeroen De Busser who is an autistic computer science student the app is really easy to use! all you do is open it and hand your phone to someone you need to communicate with during an attack but physically cannot and it shows this cool little alert for the person to read and then it takes them to an easy to use chat that looks a lot like texting! except both of you are communicating using the same device the alert message is completely customizable and you can have it say whatever you need! the app is called Emergency Chat and it’s available in the Apple Store and google play store I highly recommend it to anyone who might need it OH MY GOD?!?!?? BOOST That’s so bootiful! thank you so much for this because i never know what to do when i cant talk to people and they just start trying to ask me questions and its really hard to force myself to say i cant talk and stuff im definately getting this right now WHAT? Meme

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