OOOO0 Opinión escrita el 18 de julio de 2012 Surly Innkeeper Truth up front I did not stay at the Ben Nevis Inn Nor did I get a chance to order either a drink or food I went into the establishment after climbing Ben Nevis After hours of rain hail thunder and lightning I was soaked to the skin I retreated to a quiet corner took off my pack and started removing sodden layers of clothing My plan was to order a pint of ale while waiting for the rest of my party Well seems I dripped a little too much water on a very scarred and battered floor The innkeeper first lectured me then yelled at me to leave Gee I'm a 60+ year old woman small stature not at all threatening I offered to clean the water off his floor if he'd get me a cloth but he stalked off I left No point in making a fuss Learned that climbing in South America Interestingly in close to a month in the UK he was the only one who was rude and surly Maybe he needs a vacation General Manager en Inn respondió a esta opinión Respondido el 19 de julio de 2012 Traducir con Google Thank you for taking time to leave us with your feedback on your experience at the Inn and we regret that your experience was not a positive one I do remember this incident yes as it sticks out as a very bizarre one indeed Just for clarity it was not the Innkeeper who dealt with you that day but myself as I was supervising the restaurant Given that we are pub utilised predominantly by hill walker on the west coast of Scotland notorious for all forms of extreme weather we are more than used to and happy to accommodate our customers coming in sodden wet to dry off their clothes It is therefore inevitable that water is dripped onto our floors I only approached you because after taking off your jacket and top layers you began to actively ring out your clothing onto our floor thus creating a mass puddle of water - a bit more than a little too much water Furthermore you did this not in a quiet corner as suggested but right by the access point to our kitchen where our waiting staff are moving in and out of with food during our very busy service periods a danger not only to our staff but a risk to the public Your decision to ring out your clothing inside is to us a first and I was honestly left somewhat flabbergasted as to this decision to consciously create such an obvious mess - further acerbated given its location I am sorry that you have chosen to say I yelled at you and asked you to leave This is not true I asked you if you could ring out your clothing outside on our veranda as opposed to inside as we were trying to operate a restaurant We regret that you have left this comment with us on tripadvisor It is the first comment that has actually created enough angst as to merit a response Customer service is paramount to our operation I apologise once again if you felt that I was being rude to you but I hope that you or anyone else reading this response can acknowledge that your actions warranted a confused perhaps slightly surly response If you wish to discuss this matter further with my manager and owner of the establishment please do not hesitate to contact him via our email address Jor telephone Best wishes Angry customer leaves negative review saying that the owner got angry at her owner says otherwise Meme

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