Oops! Oh! I'll have to g HEY! Oops? You break stuff and all you have to say is oops? 'm sorry! was going to clean it up! But I have to replace it right? No! I'm tired of this! You can't just do this your whole life One day you're going to be alone and no one will want to help you Because you don't even try! Sometime Later Oh! ci I'm horrible! They are going to be mad Oh no no one should be around me why did I let that happen Why wasn't I more careful? I didn't want to be alone There's nothing I can do to fix this I'm so selfish Hey what's wrong? Why are you crying? It was just an accident am misaimed-archer dimespin “Why do you beat yourself up so much over little mistakes?” If you say the real world will reject them then you will only make them break with more ease not inspire them to become more resilient Why willingly enter a world where you are simply not welcome? Instead many people are forced forwards with the false assumption that the whole world sees them the same as the person who had hurt them saw them Meme

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