oP 121011Sat014913 No367269047 >Middle school >Pretty normal kid named Lewis >Average number of friends not too weird not too smart you get the idea >Get assigned project on future careers >His turrn >He leaves the room >Comes back with a box >There are hundreds of turtles in the box >Literally hundreds >He trips >The box spills > Little turtles fucking everywhere Wat >What the actual fuck >He starts FREAKING OUT about the turtles escaping >Literally bursts into tears >His dad is a herpetologist and they're his turtles >Lewis stole the turtles >None of the turtles escape because they're turtles we just pick them up and put them back it's not like they can run fast >Teacher tells me to take him to the office so they can call his dad and pick up the turtles >He ont stop crying >Actually has a seizure on the way to the office >Spills turtle box again all down the stair well >Falls down the stairs with them >Splits his scalp open hits his face >Turtles and blood everywhere >l have to run up and down three flights of stairs and collect the turtles while Lewis is unconscious Teachers later ask me why I helped the turtles and not Lewis I still don't know Meme

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