Open Court Yesterday at 705 AM Open Court Yesterday at 705 AM PEN COURT OPEN COURT 12K Ayesha Curry complained about not getting enough attention from other men leading to her getting flooded with thirsty messages Is that what you wanted Ayesha?! Check it out 1468 shares Most Relevant v HE PYS Some of y all joking lol but this why good dudes stay getting fuqked over and women end up with abusers cheatersjoblessetc dudes cuz they dont want a perfect life they wanna be dramatic for we reason Married her hs sweetheart had 3 kids have businesses and shows she has a lot goin on for herself This dude a famous multimillionaire ball player you think he's not gonna get some type of recognition from women it comes with the sport I'd hate for them to break bcuz their beautiful together but if I'm steph I'd be worrying about not taking that any further if she's thinking like this and needs attention from other men OPENCOURT-BASKETBALLCOM People Started Shooting Their Shots At Ayesha Curry After She Complained About Not Getting Att Share Like Comment 12K 1468 shares bsa 128 1d Like Reply Most Relevant v C 0 > GF Э GF write a comment O Write a comment a comment No one can escape their wrath Meme

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