Open Question Show me another» Is it illegal to throw aborted fetus at people? Boxcar I didn't actually throw fetus at people but when my GF went to the abortion clinic to have an abortion there were christians out the front and they were being really nasty and menacing saying she's go to hell and that she was a murderer and that they'd stop people like her one day About a week later blended a raw chicken up and put it in a plastic bag and went inside the clinic early in the morning when it had just opened I came out and threw the chicken at the Christians and said if you love fetus so much why don't you kiss this one! Can I get prosecuted for this? 57 seconds ago-4 days let to anewer P Report Abuse Answer Question kokoroattack OH MY GOD sammybitchfacewinchester The title made me angry but now I read it I'm laughing 575078 notes Mad abortion Meme

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