Operation Electric Boogaloo Timeline 20SEP2019 Location Area 51 Chad Heavy 0300-0400 Kyle Air Assault Drop 0400-0500 Naruto Calvary Charge 0500-0600 Chad Heavy Enforcers Sweep 0600-0630 Clapping of cheeks Area Naruto Calvary Area Kyle Drop Area 0630-0700 Extraction of JUICEFOR Asset Leads Extraction Area Kyle Air Assault Kyles Mom Naruto Calvary That one neck beard kid Mission Statement Equipment Electric Boogaloo operators will Kyle operators will be responsible for bringing their own monster energy drinks while Naruto forces will have the appropriate New Balance shoes provided Chads are Chad Heavies Stacys new boyfriend Extraction OJ Simpson conduct a raid on the Federal Installation known as Area 51 in order to gain supplies for the up the coming 1776 part 2 boogaloo while also contacting alien entities for clapping purposes on 20SEP2019 not required to wear shirts 1776 PART 2 Meme

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