OPINION Should schools provide condoms to students? Ptah Asabi Yes because today kids have sex like rabbits Don't be silly wrap your willy Daniel Dillman Yes beeause it can help to prevent teen preg nancies and other harmful diseases Adam Warner I believe that they should be availabe for students to use Ralph Cola Yes because you can't make love without glove Alexandria Melntosh Yes because it can help reduce STD's and make a safer environ- ment Leslie Gudino Yes because most students have sex so just make it safe Felila Folau I don't care Kevin Mercado Some students can't control themselves Wrap it before you tap it Don be a fool cover your tool Jason Li No because it would only pro- mote sex and the spread of STDs Im gay nodaybuttodaytodefygravity Go ahead and just try to pick a favorite answer Good job class Meme

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