Opportunity Mission Tap Quickly on Your Agents to Boost Them ИТТ ИТN ИТN ИТN $48534000 Global Influence 0% 10 Favors Begin Operation Dominus? This will begin our faction's final bid for total dominance It should only be done when all of our pieces are in place and everything is ready Shall I give the order? No Yes New Game Choose Your Faction $45475000 Vanguard 8 Favors Washington DC Agents Missions Rosanna Bonny Level 9 Scott Scully Lvi 9 Intelligence Recover a Stolen Laptop Specialty Combat Completed Level 9 Level 10 Stop an Assassin Completed Rosanna Bonny Awaiting Debrie Ashley Long Awaiting Debrief Interrogate a Prisoner Lvl 2 Combat SERVICE HISTORY Washington DC Recover a Stolen Laptop • Washington DC Update the Safehouse's Firewalls • Washington DC False-Flag Operation Washington DC Crack an Enemy Safe Laura Parker New Mission Loading Lvl 8 Intelligence Jennifer Martinez Lvi 8 Intelligence $479000 Global Influence 28% 4 Favors meme-mage Espionage - A Game of World Domination Espionage puts you in command of a global intelligence and spy organization Beginning from a single safehouse you can recruit agents train them send them on missions expand your influence into cities around the world and transform your small operation into a global powerhouse Then when the time is right begin your bid for power and try to take over the world!Lead your choice of factions from the righteous Vanguard to the villainous Cadmus each with their own strengths and weaknesses and compare your score with friends and players from around the world Featuring five different agent types eleven cities with unique languages and agents to recruit and over 300 possible endgame storylines Espionage is sure to appeal to any fan of James Bond Mission Impossible or Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD who found themselves thinking “I can do that!“ httpsitunesapplecomusappespionage-game-world-dominationid1018998718 Meme

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