Optus 54% Friends and family I'm seeing a lot of posts with the context along the lines of 'starting my own business earning money from home' or 'want to earn an extra $$$ per month pm me' and I just want you guys to do your research before investing in these business practices l'm afraid that some of you are being scammed into signing up for Multi Level Marketing MLM schemes also known as pyramid selling network marketing and referral marketing If you are unsure if you are being scammed check out httpwwwisthisanmlmcom and please do your owrn research You should NOT have to buy product and insist the people you sign up under you buy product in order to get a commission Btw - I'm not against anyone grinding towards their financial freedom because we all are l'm just looking out for y'all because of experience ISTHISANMLMCOM Check whether a company is an MLM Scheme Is the company X an MLM scheme? Here you can find out! Like Comment Share Write a comment 4 Meme

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