ost In a Relationship September 7 Like Comment Share 031 well seeing how coreen unfriended me and i have access to charlene's facebook APPARENTLY YOU DIDN'T LEARN YOUR LESSON WE DIDN'T TALK ALL SUMMER BECAUSE OF YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR FOR BOYFREINDS SO HERE I GO AGAIN I WILL NEVER EVER ACCEPT YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR FOR A BOYFREIND WTF IS WRONG WRONG GRANDMA SMITH WOULD WHOOP YOUR ASS HAVE YOU HERE FOR LABOR DAY BUT THAT'S OVER HAVE A NAME FORWHITE GIRLS WITH NON WHITE BOY FREINDS WANT TO GUESS YEP WT ANDNOWYOU ARE WT and for all of you that don't feel the way i do well you can unfriend not talk to WTF IS IT WAS NICE TO whatever you freaking want to do I WILL NEVER CHANGE EVER Write a comment 4 8 Meme

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