* Ota 26% 410 PM Board k -Weapons v Settings Home Anonymous 053118Thu150550 No38097408 >Tyrone and the Boyz pull up on my crib >4 young niggas in a Benz finna bouta bust a cap in my cracker ass >Ayo any last words whiteboi? >l have to think on my feet sBlack Panther was mediocre and everyone is just pretending to like it >Tyrone Jamal Trayvon Il and Daquan are al visibly shaken >One of them starts to cry all but Tyrone run away >He's so serious that he's holding it normal with two hands on the grip instead of sideways >*Teleports behind him* nothin personal my nigga *rips up his ebt card >All the houses in my neighborhood go up by $30000 >Mayor gives me the key to the city >Wake up in my room at mom's house at 2pm again >Underwear have cum stains Realize it was all a dream and I'm still a fucking 22 year old manchild loser who lives at home Remember I live in a hwhite neighborhood >Smile and go back to sleep 2238097610 # Anonvmous 053118Thu152130 No38097 Would You Drink Cockroach Milk? Scientists Are Betting the Answer is Yes' Civilized Ads Meme

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