others say it's Speedwagon Some say Gyro is the best jobro but deep down we all know that This little motherfucker right here is the equivalent of a Part 3 minor villain He drugged Josuke and Okuyasu and attempted to MURDER them all for what? Money? Of which he was going to get a fair share in anyways? But no he had to be so greedy as to attempt murder to have the full share I'm so glad that Okuyasu was smart enough to tempt this greedy fuck with the 10 000 yen to punish his fat ass for being so fucking greedy He shouldn't even be considered a Jobro he did not assist with anything whatsoever after he turned good Fuck Shigechi Polpo lookin headass spikes on his headass no friends having headass I'm so fucking glad you got exploded by Kira headass Can we start a Shigechi hate sub Meme

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