Ou AMpha FRIEND L FFECTIONATE & PLAYFUL #31717 NEUTERED 1 YEAR OLD 76 LBS WAITING FOR LOVE BROOKLYN ACC ****TO BE KILLED 82018**** FRIENDLY WITH EVERYONE!! <3 Alpha is one big SMILE! JUST LOOK AT THAT BIG SMILE ON HIS FACE even as he finds himself back at the scary shelter after just 2 months He is said to be friendly with people kids and other dogs He is well behaved when left alone and LOVES TO PLAY FETCH and CHEW ON TOYS! Honda knows the command sit and walks on leash for exercise and his family use to let off leash at the park to run around Alpha ACED his behavior evaluation with excellent scores and has been having fun in playgroup Unfortunately there was mention of an incident when another dog came into his yard but no details were provided So please help network Alpha now! Or better yet consider opening your home and your heart to SMILEY ALPHA now! Smiley Alpha #31717 @ Brooklyn ACC Neutered Silver & White Male About 1 year old Weight 76lbs Owner Surrender on 8112018 due to allergies First Stay Intake 061918 Alpha is described as being friendly affectionate and playful He has a very high energy level and needs multiple walks or a space to run for exercise Alpha likes to play fetch with his ball and chews on tire toys He eats both wet and dry food and sleeps either on the couch or in his crate OWNER PROFILE Animal ID 31717 Animal Name Alpha Breed Large Mixed Breed This animal came from Giveaway Date of Intake 11-Aug-2018 SpayNeuter Status Neutered Basic Information Alpha is a 1 year old large mixed breed male who was not neutered prior to coming into the shelter He has been in his previous home for the last 10 months and was surrendered due to allergies in the home Honda has no known health issues or injuries and has not seen a vet recently Previously lived with 2 adults 2 children How is this dog around strangers? Alpha is friendly and outgoing when meeting new people He will approach them to sniff and seeks attention How is this dog around children? Alpha has spent time around a 5 year old and was playful and friendly around him How is this dog around other dogs? Alpha has lived with a small breed female dog and as friendly and relaxed around her Alpha's previous owner stated he had bitten a stray dog that came into their backyard How is this dog around cats? Alpha has not spent time around cats before Resource guarding Alpha does not have any resource guarding behavior Bite history Alpha has allegedly bit another dog in the past Housetrained Yes Energy leveldescriptors Very High Other Notes Alpha is not bothered by having his food or toys touched He is not bothered by being pushed or pulled off the furniture or if he is disturbed while sleeping Honda allows his owner to bathe him but he will try to run out He pulls his paw away if his owner tries to trim his nails and Honda alert barks if someone approaches the house or yard Has this dog ever had any medical issues? No For a New Family to Know Alpha is described as being friendly affectionate and playful He has a very high energy level and needs multiple walks or a space to run for exercise Honda likes to play fetch with his ball and chews on tire toys He eats both wet and dry food and sleeps either on the couch or in his crate Honda is house trained to go outside and is well behaved when he is left alone in the house Honda knows the command sit and walks on leash for exercise but is let off leash at the park to run around BEHAVIOR NOTES Animal ID 31717 Animal Name Alpha Age 1 Year 1 Month 4 Weeks Breed Large Mixed Breed Gender Male Spayed Neutered Yes Behavior Assessment Date 8132018 BEHAVIOR NOTES FIRST STAY Date of intake 19-Jun-2018 SpayNeuter status No Means of surrender length of time in previous home Owner surrender Previously lived with 2 adults 1 dogsmall breed spent time around 1 year old child Behavior toward strangers Friendly and outgoing Behavior toward children Playful and friendly Behavior toward dogs Friendly and relaxed Behavior toward cats Unknown Resource guarding None reported Bite history None reported Housetrained Yes Energy leveldescriptors Friendly affectionate and playful Other Notes 8112018 Owner surrender second stay in care center Previously lived with 2 adults 2 children small breed dog Behavior towards strangers Friendly outgoing attention seeking Behavior towards children Playful friendly Behavior towards dogs Relaxed friendly with resident small dog Behavior towards cats Unknown Resource guarding None reported Bite history Alpha bit and killed a stray dog who wandered into his backyard - further details unknown House-trained Yes Energy leveldescriptors Friendly affectionate playful with a very high energy level SAFER SCORES Date of assessment 21-Jun-2018 Look 1 Dog leans forward or jumps up to lick the Assessor's face with tail wagging ears back and eyes averted Sensitivity 1 Dog stands still and accepts the touch eyes are averted and tail is in neutral position with a relaxed body posture Dog's mouth is likely closed for at least a portion of the assessment item Tag 1 Dog follows at the end of the leash body soft Paw squeeze 1 1 Dog gently pulls back hisher paw Paw squeeze 2 1 Dog gently pulls back hisher paw Toy 1 Dog settles down close to chew will relinquish toy to you Summary During the handling assessment Alpha was playful and social towards the assessor He jumps up on the handler soliciting play and was soft and relaxed Summary 1 During Alpha's stay here at the Care Centers in June Alpha engaged in bouts of high energy play His previous adopter reported he killed a dog when the dog entered the yard Here at he Care Centers Alpha continues to engage in play with frequent body contact Although Alpha has shown socialization with larger dogs the Behavior Department recommends that Alpha be the only resident dog at this time due to his bite history 814 When off leash at the Care Centers Alpha is eager to greet the novel female dog He immediately engages in running chase play and throws his weight when she takes a break He slowly becomes aroused and needs to be encourage to take a break 815 Alpha's energy skyrockets once the pen door opens and he slams into the greeter multiple times He ignores both correction and interruptions and has to be slow down by handlers using his leash Date of intake 11-Aug-2018 Summary Hard barking growling lunging Date of initial 19-Jun-2018 Summary Playful jumpy wags tail licks ENERGY LEVEL His previous owner describes Alpha as a playful friendly outgoing dog Alpha is a young enthusiastic social dog who will need daily mental and physical activity to keep him engaged and exercised BEHAVIOR DETERMINATION NEW HOPE ONLY Recommendations Single-pet home Recommend no dog parks Place with a New Hope partner Recommendations comments Place with a New Hope partner Though Alpha is reported to be a friendly outgoing dog in both previous home environments in his most recent home he is reported to have killed a dog who wandered into his backyard Due to our lack of informationdetails surrounding the incident the behavior department believes Alpha should be placed with an experienced rescue partner who can further assess his behavior in a new home environment Any attempts to modify any reactivity displayed in a new home environment should occur in controlled settings while under close supervision careful management is highly recommended to keep Alpha and other animals around him safe Guidance from a force-free reward based trainer or veterinary behaviorist is highly advised to best set him up for success Single-pet homeRecommend no dog parks Due to the concerning behaviors that Alpha has shown at home see other notes we feel that Alpha should not visit dog parks and be the only resident dog The Behavior Department recommends that he be socialized in a more controlled setting with the supervision of a behaviorist until his behavior towards other dogs can be further addressed Reward-based force-free training can be utilized to help Alpha associate dogs with things he enjoys like toys or treats Potential challenges Multiple-bite historyrisk of future aggression Potential challenges comments Bite historyrisk of future aggression Because of Alpha's reported bite history of killing another dog who wandered into his backyard combined with lack of details surrounding the incident we advise exercising caution when in the presence of other dogs as we cannot be certain what may trigger Alpha to react poorly MEDICAL EXAM NOTES 22-Jun-2018 SpayNeuter Summary Post Surgery Note 338 PM Pre-surgical exam anesthesia and surgery performed by ASPCA Green linear tattoo placed on ventral abdomen 21-Jun-2018 Pre-Op Exam SO BAR Active attention seeking in run EENT Eyes clear no ocular or nasal discharge HL No coughing or sneezing INTEG Full coat MS Ambulatory x 4 UG Male A Apparently healthy P Based on chart review and no signs of CIRDC OK for surgery tomorrow 19-Jun-2018 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age1-2y Microchip noted on Intake?n Microchip Number If Applicable History o surrender Subjective Observed Behavior -playful jumpy wags tail licks Evidence of Cruelty seen -n Evidence of Trauma seen -n Objective T = P =80 R =pant BCS 69 EENT Eyes clear ears clean no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Examclean teeth PLN No enlargements noted HL NSR NMA CRT < 2 Lungs clear eupnic ABD Non painful no masses palpated UG2 testes MSI Ambulatory x 4 skin free of parasites no masses noted healthy hair coat CNS Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Assessment healthy Prognosis excellent Plan neuter SURGERY Okay for surgery * TO FOSTER OR ADOPT * If you would like to adopt a dog on our “To Be Killed” list and you CAN get to the shelter in person to complete the adoption process *within 48 hours of reserve* you can reserve the dog online until noon on the day they are scheduled to die We have provided the Brooklyn Staten Island and Manhattan information below Adoption hours at these facilities is Noon – 800 pm 630 on weekends HOW TO RESERVE A “TO BE KILLED” DOG ONLINE only for those who can get to the shelter IN PERSON to complete the adoption process and only for the dogs on the list NOT marked New Hope Rescue Only Follow our Step by Step directions below! *PLEASE NOTE – YOU MUST USE A PC OR TABLET – PHONE RESERVES WILL NOT WORK! ** STEP 1 CLICK ON THIS RESERVE LINK httpsnewhopeshelterbuddycomAnimalList Step 2 Go to the red menu button on the top right corner click register and fill in your info Step 3 Go to your email and verify account Step 4 Go back to the website click the menu button and view available dogs Step 5 Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve STEP 6 MOST IMPORTANT STEP GO TO THE MENU AGAIN AND VIEW YOUR CART THE ANIMAL SHOULD NOW BE IN YOUR CART! Step 7 Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction Animal Care Centers of NYC ACC nycaccorg HOW TO FOSTER OR ADOPT IF YOU *CANNOT* GET TO THE SHELTER IN PERSON OR IF THE DOG IS NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY! You must live within 3 – 4 hours of NY NJ PA CT RI DE MD MA NH VT ME or Norther VA Please PM our page for assistance You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a dog on the To Be Killed list including those labelled Rescue Only Hurry please time is short and the Rescues need time to process the applications Meme

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