oU SU N 122617 Wow you look exactly like my future ex girlfriend Today 1100 PM well shit IM SORRY I'm a psycho ex girlfriend That's the best kind don't apologize It's the best kind until you're hoping to God you can go back in time and have never met me Damn Wanna have a kid? It'll make the break up way more entertaining Today 1132 PM I would be a terrible mother But for entertainment purposes I'm down Lmao hey at least you know yourself Unfortunately for us both tho I had a vasectomy Too many illegitimate kids running around Had to cut the cord so what am I going to do when you try to leave me ifI can't get pregnant??? That's my go to trap Lmfao oh you're trouble Where have you been all my life At planned parenthood aborting all my other traps Damn that's super weird I feel like I would've run into you I usually hang outside of planned parenthood hitting on chicks as they leave I'm such a regular there they just sneak me in and out the back door to save time I should really start using my back door that would avoid the constant visits there ф I'd be down to do a test run with you Sent Type a message Send GIF Top 5 conversations I’ve had on this god forsaken app Meme

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