OUR FIRST DAY AT UA!! EVEN THOUGH ITS ONLY GENERAL STUDIES TS STILL PRETTy EXCITING MAYBE WE SHOULD EACH INTRODUCE OURSELVeS? OH YEAH! SURE My NAme's HITosHi SHINso K7 I HAVE A voicE BASED QUIRK HITOSHI SHINSO! QUIRK MIND CONTROL! ANSWERING HIS QUESTION ACTIVATES IT SO CAREFUL IF HE'S TALKING TO YOU HE MIGHT BE TRYING TO TURN YOU INTO HIS SLAVE!! GOD DAmMIT DO YOU HAVE TO?! WAS ACTUALLY HOPING ON MAKING SOmE FRIENDS THIS YEAR! SorRY!! Il h0lyhandgrenade In the anime whenever a character is introduced Mic gives us a little voiceover where he tells us their name and their quirk… Which is nice of himBeen a while since I’ve had time to make a comic! I’m happy to be back on itMy first batch of Erasermic comics are available in zine form on my Etsy! Meme

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