Our problems began when we attempted to publish our findings We tightly strapped an infant to a traditional plastic circumstraint' using Velcro restraints We also completely immobilized the infant's head using standard surgical tape The entire apparatus was then introduced into the MRI chamber Since no metal objects could be used because of the high magnetic fields the doctor who performed the surgery used a plastic bell with a sterilized obsidian bade to cut the foreskin No anesthetic was used Analysis of the MRI data indicated that the surgery subjected the infant to significant trauma The greatest changes occurred in the limbic system concentrating in the amygdala and in the frontal and temporal lobes A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim's brain associated with reasoning perception and emotions Follow up tests on the infant one day one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child's brain never returned to its baseline configuration In other words the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery CENSORED Our problems began when we attermpted to publish our findings in the open medieal literature All of the participants in the research including myself were called before the hospital discipline committee and were severely reprimanded We were told that while male circumcision was legal under all circumstances in Canada any attempt to study the adverse effects of circumcision was strictly prohibited by the ethical regulations Not only could we not publish the results of our research but we also had to destroy all of our results If we refused to comply we were all threatened with immediate dismissal and legal action Paul D Tinari PhD Director Pacific Institute for Advanced Study #ceNsorEd Meme

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